Dr. Boutros Abou Fayad

Dr Boutros Abou Fayad joined recently the Davinci Dental Clinic team. He graduated first in his class from St. Joseph University of Beirut; where he earned a degree in Dental Surgery. Dr Boutros began his professional career as a General Dental Practitioner in a private clinic in Beirut. He joined in 1993 one of the largest leading hospitals in the UAE where he worked as a Clinical Supervisor, Shift Manager and Head of General Practice Section. He also served in there on several of the Joint Commission International committees where he was in charge of raising awareness and implementing international standards of care to ensure high-quality service delivery among fellow healthcare providers with regard to International Patient Safety Goals.

In 2014 Dr Boutros moved to a private clinic in Abu Dhabi where he served as Medical Director and Dental Practitioner until 2018 when he joined Davinci Dental Clinic.

His scope of practice encompasses all general dentistry procedures, along with preventive and prophylactic procedures with special emphasis on esthetic dentistry.

Throughout his extensive career, Dr Boutros has kept abreast of the latest dentistry developments and techniques through ongoing continuous education. He has ensured his practice remains thoroughly up-to-date through participation in various international and local dental conferences, seminars and practical hands-on training workshops.