Dr. Shamil Abaji

Dr. Shamil, Orthodontist& Dentofacial orthopedic with over 20 years of Dental experience, was one of the distinguished doctors in the Ministry of Health, UAE. He was responsible for providing Dental care to distinguished dignitaries and University of Mosul. Iraq. He also worked as the General Director of Kurkuk Health District, IRAQ and has chaired many medical conferences.
Having completed over 1000 surgeries, he has specialized training in preventive, interceptive and contemporary Orthodontics & Orthognathic courses from the United States of America along with knowledge about Orthodontic implants along with surgically assisted Orthodontics. Among has many honors. He has also been awarded a patent of innovation in Orthodontic research.
Dr. Shamil has over 12 years of dental experience in the UAE, in addition as consultant Orthodontist & Dentofacial Orthopedics. He is Head of evaluation committee of dental specialties assessment and continue education center.

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Dr. Shamil